- If you are unwilling or unable to attend a group antenatal course;

- If you prefer cosy and comfortable atmosphere of your own home;

- If this is not your first baby and not all the subjects are interesting for you;

- If you have health problems in your pregnancy;

- If you prefer one-to-one relationship with your midwife;

we invite you to join our individualized antenatal course, which may be run at your own home or at the Clinic.

Below we present the example of an individualized antenatal course which will prepare you for the childbirth. We suggest two meetings covering the following two sessions:

-the first meeting – labour (hospital, stages of labour, non-pharmacological and pharmacological (epidural) pain relief, breathing exercises, positions for labour, the role of your birth companion, indications for and procedures of caesarean section, postpartum, recovery to sexual functioning after childbirth;

-the second meeting – natural feeding and baby care(child development from the first moments on the mother's abdomen to the first weeks of life),vaccinations and medical examinations, exercises during pregnancy – massage, first aid, child transportaion regulations.

Dates and subject mattter of our sessions are tailor-made.

Our offer is designed also for the couples who are preparing for an out-of-hospital childbirth or have a planned caesarean section.

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